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Let today be the start of something new!

From 100% Siberian mink to spun acrylic Premium lashes, we strive to give you the best lashes!


Say goodbye to eyebrow pencil smudges and hello to Microblading or Brow Tinting


We help you to achieve smooth, hairless skin where offered. 


Feel rejuvenated with a tailored facial service.


Salon Policies

Starting Oct 15th, there will be a $5 service increase for all of our services.

We have a no refund policy, and reserve the right

to refuse service to anyone. 


In order to ensure your experience at  K Lash Studio is a fabulous one, we kindly require that you honor these guidelines and advisories:


Arrive at your appointment on time. The earlier, the better. We're more than happy to provide a beverage of your choice and a light snack while you wait - it's on us!


We allow a 10 minute grace period. Please call us if you know you will be running late or not able to show up.  Should you not arrive 15 minutes into the reserved booking we will cancel your appointment and offer to reschedule.  


Salon Decorum

In order to allow all clients a relaxing ambiance for their service to avoid distraction and concern for the safety of all parties, we politely request no children are brought into the salon. Please prepare arrangements prior to your appointment time.


We prefer that you arrive at your appointment with no makeup. If in the event that you must wear it prior, please arrive 10 minutes in advance to remove in our studio. 


At the time of check-in, please silence or reduce cellphones to vibrate mode. This is applicable for those accompanying our guests in the lobby as well. We would like to maintain a peaceful environment for clients and distraction-free zone for technicians, ensuring your safety and an efficient service.


Appointment Deposit

All appointments at our studio are non-refundable. All Lash Extension and Facial appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $25, which is included in your service total. Microblading appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $50, which is included in your service total. 

Before booking Microblading services, please schedule a complimentary consultation so that your technician may provide you with pre-procedure advice. Thank you!

Appointments booked by phone or in person require a card to be placed on file. The $25 deposit fee will be billed in the event of a no-call/ no-show or last-minute cancellation with notice. Clients who provide invalid payment cards will be restricted to online booking.



If the appointment is canceled or rescheduled a day before your appointment, you are entitled to apply the deposit towards your next appointment. Last-minute cancellation and rescheduling may result in a non-refundable $25 dollar fee.

No call, no-shows are subject to a non-refundable $25 fee or 50% charge of the service. By booking online you are acknowledging and accepting all the terms of service. 

3 times Cancellation policy


Our no-show policy has been established for clients who fails to show or cancel/reschedule an appointment. Below is our “No Show” Policy:


First, if a client who fails to show or cancels/reschedules an appointment and has not contacted our office with at least 24 hours notice will be considered a No Show and charged a $25.00 fee.


Furthermore, any client who fails to show or cancels/reschedules an appointment with no 24 hour notice second time will be charged a $50.00 fee.


        If a third time,  No Show or cancellation/reschedule should occur, the client may be dismissed from Klash Studio for an indefinite time.

In other words, any client who fails to show for their third visit will not be rescheduled indefinitely . We will refund the 3rd time cancellation to the client.

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