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What Are The Different Type of Lash Extensions at K Lash?

We have an array of lash types here at K Lash Studio. From length to curl type as well as lash style. Here's a breakdown of the types of extensions we offer at our studio with descriptions of what they primarily look like!

Premium Lashes - $85

Primarily made up of thin acrylic material, Premium lashes are more dramatic and give a darker appearance. An advantage to these lashes is that they are more durable and maintain their curl for a longer period of time. Great if you seek a bold, flirty look.

Premium Volume Lashes - $115

By applying 2 to 3 more lashes onto the natural lash, Premium Volume will upgrade your look, giving more defined, fuller lashes that are red carpet worthy.

Hybrid Lashes - $100

A combination of premium lashes and premium volume lashes 

Mink Lashes - $130

Made from 100% Siberian Mink Fur, these are our most light-weight, natural looking lashes. They give a flirty, soft, feathery look that's perfect if you don't want obvious or dramatic lashes.

Mink Volume Lashes - $185

Depending on the fullness of your lashes, a Mink Volume full set may better accommodate you to give you fuller, more noticeable lashes by applying 2 to 3 Mink hairs to give you an eye-popping look without adding any extra weight.

Full-Color Lashes - $105

Premium lashes including lash dye with a color of your choice

Full-Color Volume Lashes - $140

Premium Volume lashes including lash dye with a color of your choice

3D-4D Volume Lashes - $260

With up to 4 lashes added to your individual lashes, our ultra-defining and super dramatic 3D-4D lashes will give you a head-turning, award-winning look that's sure to have all eyes on you.

Lash Lift - $65

Using a gentle relaxer, your lashes will be permed and curled giving your lashes a natural looking boost.

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